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24 Sep
Vintage Village, La Boiserie

Vintage Village, La Boiserie


Between September 24th and October 17th, Hotel Rural Vila Meã will host the Vintage Village event, by the promoting company La Boiserie, by Ana Pereira.

The Architect and her team create exclusive interior design and architecture projects in private homes, commercial spaces and hotels. We count on your presence to provide you with pleasant moments of vintage inspiration with a visit to the open exhibition, focused on design, architecture, history and tradition, on the theme “Visual Arts”, within the scope of the “Guarantir Cultura” project.

The event will also feature wine tastings from the renowned Dão region and a showcooking inspired by vintage cuisine, which will help connect all flavors and sensations to the idyllic setting.

Combine the vintage experience with architecture, come watch the open exhibition and make your presence felt at the landscaped Hotel Rural Vila Meã by booking your ticket.
Learn more about La Boiserie, by Ana Pereira here:

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