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24 Sep
Music in the Village

Music in the Village

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8km from Cidade-Jardim is the Hotel Rural Vila Meã, welcomed by nature and photographic landscapes, which will host the event Música na Aldeia, a project with the purpose of promoting Folklore Ranches and Philharmonic Bands in the Beira-Alta Region that keep folklore traditions alive.

It is through live streaming that you can make your presence at the event, in the comfort of your home, and enjoy this art, counting on our guests to brighten up your Sunday afternoons.

The live streaming programs will bring themes focused on history, clothing, music, regional differences and the social impact of folklore popular culture, don’t miss a beat and come dance on the four Sundays, September 26th, 3rd, 10th and 17th October, at 4 pm.


September 26th: Associativism in the Music World

Music and associativism are concepts that have been linked together over the years, fostering the creation of Folklore Groups and Philharmonic Bands that last for generations.
Come and meet the people of the Carragoso Dance and Singing Association, the Folklore Group “Leões da Beira” of Rio de Loba and the guest João Silva, and also discover their stories full of tradition and culture.


October 3rd: The Culture of Folklore

Folklore is not just a dance, it is culture and tradition, friendship and history.

The Folklore Group of the Associação de Moure de Madalena, the Folklore Group of Passos de Silgueiros, the Folklore Group “Os Rouxinóis do Dão” by Fagilde and the guest António Lopes Pires, President of the Board of Directors of the Folklore Ranch of Passos de Silgueiros, addressing the theme of folklore culture with a passion that live this beautiful tradition of the Beira Alta region.


October 10th: Music as Tradition

The folklore tradition is not only based on dances and stories, these are only completed in the presence of music.

The Musical and Recreational Band of Penalva do Castelo, the musician Carlos Peninha and the Tuna and Singing Group “Amigos da Farra” are living proof that tradition is nothing without music.


October 17: Costumes – Identity and Inspirations

In addition to dance and music, costumes are an intrinsic and essential part of folklore culture. It is through their clothing that the Ranches and Bands teleport traditions to the present, transmitting inspiration and stories from generation to generation. The Ethnographic Group “As Tricanas de Vildemoinhos”, the Folklore Group of the Parish of Cepãos and the Designer Katty Xiomara transmit their knowledge about the costumes that are so important to this culture.


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